Vintage toy sewing machine

Each time I’ve been passing by my Kay-ee Sew Master (toy sewing machine from the 40’s), for the last 9 months,  I’ve been thinking : “I really need to take photos of it for the blog, it’s just too cute”. Well I finally took the time to do it, because it’s worth it … It is pink!

It was a birthday present… From last year. My buddy Ben found it in an antiques shop in Rochester (MN) and brought it back to France for me. Knowing that this Kay-ee was made ​​in Germany in the 40’s post WWII, on the west side of the Iron Curtain, this little machine has crossed the Atlantic twice.

These little toy sewing machines were manufactured in Germany but on behalf of an American company (KAY-an-EE Corp. of America, New York) and sold in the U.S.,  and they really worked.

Later electric versions were manufactured. This one is mechanical. It still has its needle, the foot can be raised and lowered, the wheel turns, and the feed dogs move. There’s even a tension disc. Yes, this toy sewing machine really works. It produces a single chain stitch (no bobbin is used) and I’ve posted a photo of the threaded machine and of the stitching below. Alas the presser foot doesn’t maintain the fabric enough to sew straight ^ ^.

Without further ado, here are the pictures

Kay-ee sew master pink

Kay-ee sew master

Dos : on voit le levier du pied presseur

Back : view of the presser foot lever

Pied presseur et griffes d'entrainement.

Presser foot and feed dogs.

Machine à coudre vintage


Kay-ee sew master

Engraved plaque : “Berlin – Made in Germany – US zone”

Machine enfilée !

Threaded machine !

Point de chainette kay-ee endroit

Stitching : right side

Point de chainette : envers

Stitching : wrong side (single chain stitch)

Taille comparée à ma Janome

Size comparison

Dans sa boîte !

In its wooden case


She is cute, isn’t she ?

3 thoughts on “Vintage toy sewing machine

  1. I recently purchased a machine just like this one but its blue. It doesn’t have a needle :0(. Do you know where I might find one? I am having trouble finding any info. I am hoping for my 5 yr old granddaughter to sew on this. Ad I would love to play with it also :0). Thanks for any help. Maggi

    • I have no idea, sorry !
      But a regular needle might work (sorry I’m not home to try it). You wouldn’t be using the needle hole to thread the machine though (see pics for threading it).
      As for your 5 year old granddaughter, I’m not sure this machine would be suited for her to sew with it. But trying doesn’t hurt 😉

  2. We just bought a blue one at an antique store for my daughter. I can’t seem to thread it right. Any pointers or suggestions? It won’t stitch

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