Tube scarf tutorial

Here is the tutorial for the tube scarf / infinity scarf shown here: An infinity of infinity scarves

Super easy and fast to sew : I made 16 in 3 hours … Well I must say that I’ve had some training in infinity scarf sewing but I assure you, it is really fast.

Note: the tube scarf is NOT recommended for children. This is dangerous because there is a risk of strangulation.

The scarf is worn wrapped 2 or 3 times (depending on its length).

Echarpe tube

Tube scarf – Infinity scarf

We need


Jersey, lycra, panne velvet, cotton, cotton voile…

Overall a fabric that’s soft (you don’t want itchy fabric around your neck) and preferably stretchable (but it is not mandatory, I’ve made some in cotton voile). Personally I find cotton jersey very comfortable to wear around the neck.

A serger or sewing machine :

For stretch fabrics, a serger is very convenient, but if you have a simple sewing machine, it is perfectly doable, you can read this Threads article about it : A primer on sewing knits.

If you use cotton, a sewing machine is just perfect.

We cut

We will simply cut a rectangle.

Length = total width of the fabric. In France it’s usually 150 cm or 140 cm. In the US you’ll be fine with a 54″ to 66″ (or more) width.

Width = final width desired x2


Tuto écharpe tube - Coupe

Tuto écharpe tube – Coupe

I’ve made scarves of varying widths and I would say any width between 25 cm and 50 cm ( = 10″ to 20″) can do the trick. It is a personal design choice depending on if you want a rather thin scarf or a rather large one. For example, if you cut a width of:

  • 25 cm (10″) your final tube will be around 11 cm (5″) large
  • 50 cm (20″) your final tube will be around 23 cm (10″) large

We sew



wrong side




Right side


seam allowance : 1cm = 3/8″.

1- Fold your rectangle in 2 lengthwise, right sides together.

Tuto écharpe tube - étape 1

Infinity scarf tutorial – step 1

2- Stitch along the long opened edge starting and ending at 5 cm (= 2″)  from the edges. We end up with a tube.

It’s  important to leave 5cm – 2″ at each end, this will allow us to sew step #4.

Infinity scarf tutorial - step 2

Infinity scarf tutorial – step 2


3- Turn your tube right side out ! Very important if you don’t want to end up with a USO (Unidentified Sewing Object !).

Infinity scarf tutorial - step 3

Infinity scarf tutorial – step 3

4- Align the two short edges (ends of the tube) right side together and stitch.

This the most “painful” step because the edges are not flat anymore and we can’t align them from one end to the other.

Start as on the illustration by stitching from one side,  and then align the edges right sides together as you sew until you reach the other side. At the end everything will be very tight but the openings left in step 1 will allow you to finish the seam.

Tube scarf tutorial - step 4 - Start like this

Tube scarf tutorial – step 4 – Start like this

5- Slip stitch closed the small opening left in step 1, folding the seam allowance inside the opening.

Tube scarf tutorial - step 5

Tube scarf tutorial – step 5

And voilà, tube scarf done !

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