Ottobre Design in French !

Rejoice fellow French speaking seamstresses, The sewing magazine Ottobre Design, available till today in  English, German, Dutch, Finnish and Swedish, will now be published in French, starting with their next issue.

Every detail is on the Ottobre Design Blog : Bonjour la France.

This news should rejoice more than one ! Personally I think this magazine is a breath of fresh air for children and women patterns. There are two separate publications: children and women (with women like you and me posing for the magazine!). For an overview of the kind of patterns they offer, check their site (not in French yet).

You can subscribe for the French version now (see link above) or wait to find it on newsstands in January 2013 (for the children issue).

For those like me who are already subscribers in English, it is possible to receive the French version starting with the next issue, information for the transition is also given in the link above.

That’s great news to start the weekend !

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