Moodboard 2012 Palette challenge

Here is my moodboard and my colour palette For the “Spring-Summer 2012 palette Challenge” at Colette Patterns.

Palette challenge spring summer 2012

I picked these green and red colors as a starting point because I already had them in my fabric stash.

I’m in the mood for stripes, palazzo pants or butterfly pants (yes black even in summer) in a 70’s style.

There inevitably will be an Indian influence, because I intend to use fabrics purchased in Delhi. So there will be Indian prints. I’m not a print addict, I generally prefer solid colors so it might be a bit hard to manage this for me but it’s a challenge eh ^^.

This is not the most summery color combination but that’s what I want right now ! But, I promise,  I won’t use wool or fleece.

The collage is an inspiration, and not to be taken literally. I will never wear shoes with heels as high for example (I’m pretty sure I would fall before the second step).

Next week I’ll show you my projects choices : patterns and fabric.

Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge

To learn more about this Challenge check out Spring-Summer 2012 Palette Challenge 2012.

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