Here is a Japanese knot bag that I sewed for my friend Nanou.  I haven’t given it to her yet so… Hush!

The pictures are at the bottom of the article.


This “Grab Bag” is sewn from a free pattern from All People Quilt, it looks a lot like the bags I’ve sewn from the Vogue pattern 7354, which I like a lot.

And for good reason : these two round bags, worn around the wrist, are almost identical in shape and in the construction process but with notable differences.

Differences between the APQ pattern and the Vogue pattern

japanese knot bag patterns free
Left : Vogue 7354 – Right : APQ Grab Bag

The main difference being the size of the finished bags: Vogue 7354 is 23cm x 18cm and the Grab Bag from All People Quilt is nearly double the size of the Vogue : 33cmx45cm (handles included). However the Grab Bag remains of a small enough size that wearing it around the wrist is still comfortable and aesthetic … Provided you don’t stuff too many heavy things in it of course.

There is also a slight variation in shape : the Grab Bag is less round.

Moreover this free pattern adds 6 small pockets inside and an interlining, which is not the case of Vogue pattern. Note that the interlining is only useful if your fabric is not thick enough and I did not personally use it for my version below. I found the construction process of the pockets very nice and I’ll probably use it again on other projects.

The construction method is almost the same for the Vogue and the All People Quilt. The only real difference being that the Vogue pattern has more pieces to accommodate for the slanted handles. The result is a seam in the centre of the bag, which is not the case with the free APQ pattern.

So the APQ pattern is IMO more suited for fabrics with large scale prints like the one I chose here. But I much prefer the slanted handles on the Vogue pattern which allow of better closure of the bag.


For the main fabric I chose La Strada by Alexander Henry. I’ve had this print for a while, I love it and wanted to find a project that deserved it … And a bag for Nanou deserves it!

For the lining and inside pockets I used gray home decor linen.

la strada and grey linen lining

la strada and grey linen lining

La Strada by Alexander Henry
La Strada by Alexander Henry



Sac Japonais Grab Bag
Bag closes by sliding one handle into the other

Intérieur du sac avec 6 petites poches tout autour
Inside with 6 small pockets all around

Sac japonais à plat
one side

sac japonais à plat
other side

Japanese knot bah

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