Haradrim LARP costume

This is the costume I wore last weekend for a small “Middle earth” LARP (Tolkein’s “Lord of the rings”).

I played an Haradrim witch (Haradrims = Moors, substantially). I don’t remember reading descriptions of Haradrim women In Tolkien’s books… Only men.  So I used the “color chart” for Haradrims (red, black, gold) and did want I felt like and what seemed consistent for the character.

In truth I’ve done little sewing for this one.

I’ve had the shirt for a long time and I bought the corset (because it is beauuuuuuutiful).

So I just made two elasticated waist skirts.

  • The underskirt is made of a red embroidered Indian fabric purchased from Nalli Silk Saree in Delhi. It has a slit on one side… Being able to run is essential when LARPing !
  • The overskirt is in black crepe. Once sewn, I gleefully torn it into strips by hand. I thought the torn effect was perfect for this character and it allowed a glimpse of the beautiful fabric of the underskirt when I moved ^ ^.

Oh I also whipped up a veil. I used what was left of the golden embroidered border of the Indian fabric to make a headband. I tied it around my head and then I pinned a rectangle of fabric until it looked ok and sewed it. I just added two small darts under the eyes to give more of a rectangular shape to the opening and to have a better field of vision.


Find the differences game : There is a difference between the 1st and 2nd pictures… Which one ? It’s not subtle !


costume haradrim gn

Haradrim costume

gn costume haradrim

Haradrim costume… something has been added !

The difference : yes it’s the ritual dagger at the hip (thank you Ben ^ ^) … Well let me reassure non-LARPers: this is not a real one, it’s foam / latex.

Just before the beginning of the “game” !


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