French-English sewing lexicon

A few months ago, Loutheo suggested in a comment on my French blog that I’d write an English-French sewing lexicon for fellow French seamstresses that wanted to sew beautiful American patterns, but weren’t at ease with the language.

I’ve finally had the time to start the lexicon ! And as a side benefit I also wrote an English-French sewing lexicon that might be of use for English speaking folks.

It’s not finished but already has almost 300 entries, so here it is :

French-English sewing dictionary

and its brother :

English-French sewing dictionary

(on my French blog)

The methodology

I first entered words that came to my mind, then I dug in my American patterns and books and added the most used words. I shall do the same with my French sewing books.

If you’d like me to add/translate some entries/words, please leave a comment on the lexicon page. 

I hope this tools will be of help to you !

Happy sewing !