Free T-shirt pattern

This could possibly become my TNT T-shirt pattern.

Well once it will have pass the sewing and wearing test… No I haven’t sewn it yet ^^!

But on paper, this free women’s T-shirt pattern seems to have everything it needs to become the T-shirt pattern I’ve longed for all my life (No, I’m not being melodramatic !).

Description : “This pattern is for a boat neckline kimono sleeved t-shirt with short sleeves. It has negative ease at the bust, but has a loose fit over the waist and hip.”

Sizes : XS, S, M, L and XL.

Why I like it :

  • Kimono sleeves = no armhole seam = No seam at the wrong spot on my arm that I would need to adjust.
  • « Negative ease at the bust, but has a loose fit over the waist and hip » exactly what I need to hide my tummy without the T-shirt looking like a tent.
  • A boat neckline is always flattering.

What is this wonderful free pattern you wonder ?

It’s the Kirsten Kimono Tee by MariaDenmark over at

Free T-shirt pattern woman

Kirsten Kimono Tee by MariaDenmark

[box type=”download”] You can download the printable pattern and instructions for the Kirsten Kimono Tee HERE[/box]

I won’t have the time to sew (this or anything else) for a few weeks but this pattern is definitely going on my “have to sew list”.


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