“No U Turn” skirt – Ottobre

And here is the second ruffled skirt from the Ottobre pattern “No U Turn”. The first one (in denim) can be seen here: Ruffled skirt – Ottobre.

Sorry for the delay in taking the pics but I wasn’t able to see my daughter by daylight before yesterday!




This ruffled skirt is #36 “No U turn” from the Ottobre “Spring” 1-2012 magazine : elasticated waistband, with two panels finished by bias binding

The pattern consists simply of 3 rectangles.

Sewn in size 134 (that’s the height of the child in cm) for Petite Chérie who’s going to be 9 years old soon.


Ottobre jupe n°36 – 1 -2012



Jupe à volant ottobre

Jupe à volants ottobre



Two coordinated fabrics from the Cool Cords collection by designer Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman. The 2 fabrics are  “Dahlia in Blue Jay” and “Dahlia in White.”

I bought the fabric from Hawthrone threads.

I used the white print for the two ruffled panels and the blue print for the waistband and the bias binding.

About the bias binding: I did not actually cut it on the bias, I cut it straight in the grainline. Indeed, the ruffled panels don’t have curves, they are rectangles, so this solution works perfectly while also saving fabric.


Cool cords "Dahlia in blue jay" Ann Kelle

Cool cords “Dahlia in blue jay” by Ann Kelle



Cool cords "Dahlia in white" par Ann Kelle

Cool cords “Dahlia in white” by Ann Kelle



Here are the pictures, the light was not ideal, but there was nothing I could do about it !

My daughter prefers this second version she finds it more cheerful. She also wore this skirt with her red fur vest yesterday and the ensemble is very cute. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the two worn together, so you’ll have to take my word for it !

Oh and by the way, the angel halo was not my idea !

No U turn - jupe Ottobre

No U turn – jupe Ottobre

Étiquette de chez Lalimaya

Cute label

Jupe Ottobre - No U turn

Jupe Ottobre – No U turn

Jupe Ottobre - No U turn

Jupe Ottobre – No U turn


Jupe Ottobre - No U turn

Jupe Ottobre – No U turn

Jupe Ottobre - No U turn

Jupe Ottobre – No U turn

Jupe Ottobre - No U turn

Jupe Ottobre – No U turn

And that’s where the nonsense begins !

Pourtant elle n'a jamais vu Pulp Fiction. (Encore heureux à son age !)

Hum… But she didn’t see Pulp Fiction !

Entrainement Karaté ?

Karate practice ?

... ou pas !

… or not !

Ah ben voilà, elle se prend pour Cupidon maintenant !

Pretending to be Cupid now !



Joyeux Noël !


Ruffled skirt – Ottobre design

Petite Chérie asked for a skirt. She went through my Ottobre magazines and picked this ruffled skit pattern.

A classic,  easy to sew and that little girls love.



This ruffled skirt is #36 “No U turn” from the Ottobre “Spring” 1-2012 magazine : elasticated waist, with two panels finished by bias binding that are gathered to the waist band.


Ottobre jupe n°36 – 1 -2012



Jupe à volant ottobre

Jupe à volants ottobre


Sewn in size 134 (that’s the height of the child) for Petite Chérie who’s going on 9 years old.


A patchworked and embroidered denim  purchased a few years ago in a local fabric store. I had a scrap left, that was just enough to make the skirt, yay!

I used a black satin bias binding to finish the lower edges.

Conclusion et pics

Voilà, not much more to add, this skirt is really easy, provided you don’t have a chronic aversion to gathers. My DD loves it and a second one is already done, I didn’t have the time to take pics of the second one… Wednesday probably. I prefer the 2nd version actually.

Jupe à volants en jean

Jupe à volants en jean – Ottobre n°36 – 1- 2012

jupe ottobre à volants

jupe ottobre à volants

Attends maman on la refait avec les cache-oreilles

Attends maman on la refait avec les cache-oreilles

jupe à volants dos

jupe à volants dos

jupe profil

jupe profil

Elle adore ces bottes...

Elle adore ces bottes…

Photos nawak !





1 pattern + 1 fabric = 2 dresses

Last weekend I cut and started sewing my coat Origami, I did so well that I found myself stuck on Sunday morning due to the lining missing (ordered it a few weeks ago)… And I could not do anything more without it.

Frustrated at not being able to continue sewing this coat, I decided to sew Petite Chérie a dress, the dress eventually became two dresses.



I wanted to satisfy my urge to sew so I used a dress pattern from Ottobre that I had already traced, the same as for the straight A’s dress. And that way I also celebrated the good news of the weekend: Ottobre magazine will soon be available in French.

Here is the pattern, it has three variations :  “Tropical Blend” from Magazine Ottobre 03/2011.

Patron robe trapèze fille Ottobre

Patron #18 “tropical blend” – Ottobre 03/2011


This is a fabric that Petite Chérie’s aunty Isa gave me two years ago. It’s red with Chinese embroidery. DD chose it in my stock. This is not an ideal fabric for a dress because it is rather stiff but Petite Chérie wanted it, so I used it. It’s a pain to press/steam though… And it shows!

I was going to cut it when my daughter pointed out that the wrong side was “beautiful, too.” It was different from the front : strips of colors with a moire effect and the same embroidery as on the right side except it was in white.

As a result I made two dresses!

  1.      With stripes (wrong side) with a pleated skirt.
  2.      In red (right side of fabric) a simple A-Line version. I attached the pattern piece of the skirt to the pattern piece of the top of the dress to use it as one piece. Well except for the back : I did not have enough fabric to cut everything in one piece so I added the skirt panel separately.

I admit I did it “quick and easy” : a simple green cotton for the facings, no piping at armholes and necklines, and I picked basic buttons in my stash.



Nothing like a pattern already tested, approved AND traced to satisfy an urge of sewing.

You’ll see this pattern again, I have at least 2-3 fabric combinations that I set aside for this pattern. But I think I’ll trace a larger size next time (DD keeps growing ^^).

Monday morning I was happy to find in my mailbox the lining fabric for the coat which means that I will finish it on Sunday! Yay!


So… Since last Saturday it’s rain, rain, rain… The pictures took inside produced weird (and bad) results (see below) so I took advantage of a few minutes of calm weather to take pictures… In the fog!

Petite Chérie is a fan of the red dress and wants to wear it for Christmas … But of course any opportunity is to be seized to wear it  (“Mom, I can put it on to go to Grandma’s?”… She goes to grandma’s every day…).


Pleated version (wrong side of fabric)

red version (right side)

2 dresses in the mist ^^

Chameleon Dress. Pictures indoors, with flash, against a crushed-raspberry-satin wall, don’t work !

Petite Chérie wearing the red dress

It’s time to cut the summer plait, chérie !

Looks like a Chinese tunic here, no ?


Child Shepherd vest

The shepherd vest from a free pattern !

It was about time I sewed this Shepherd Vest ! I feel like every mom who sews has made it at least once for her little ones. Well in France anyway, where it’s a pretty popular sewing project for children… Petite Chérie is growing fast, so it had to be now or never …

But the real defining moment was when Petite Chérie saw this beautiful red fur. I told her that I was going to make myself a vest for a LARP costume. She then rubbed the red fur against her cheek (This fur is sooooo soft!) And looked at me with pleading eyes “I would like one too.” Haggard eyes of the mother wondering if she has enough fabric to make two vests, quick maths, sigh of relief, joyful scream of Petite Chérie.

The pattern

This shepherd vest was sewn from a C’est dimanche free pattern. “C’est dimanche” is a small French pattern company.

If you want to use the pattern and need help with the French instructions you can use the French-English sewing dictionary and I’ll be happy to help too, just ask !

The pattern is for a Shepherd vest in faux fur or wool, fully lined (the vest can be completely reversible by the way), and it closes at the front with a little tie.

To use the pattern you need to enlarge it (200%), check the size of the square drawn on the pattern. Seam allowance is included (0,75cm = 0,29 inches).

The sizes available are : 3/4 years, 5/6 years et 8 years.

This is a fast sewing project, I finished it entirely in less than an hour (cut not included).

couture, Couper en simple épaisseur : positionner les pièces identiques en miroir

front pattern pieces (it’s the same piece, I traced it twice to cut on a single layer of fur)



A 100% synthetic high quality, red fur. It’s extremely soft and was purchased from l’Etoffe des héros. The fur as a raised “ripple” pattern.

If you need guidance on how to sew fake fur, you can see this article, brilliantly called: Sewing faux-fur !


Fausse-fourrure rouge à relief vaguelettes

For the lining: a soft cotton hand printed and bought in India.

Petit Chérie chose the fabric for the lining from a pre-selection I made… Because I’m willing to give her space for creativity but still : these are MY fabrics…  I can be bad like that ^ ^

For the tie she picked a silver ribbon.

Tissu indien coton

Lining : Indian “hand block printed” cotton


Petite Chérie is eight years old and is in between sizes 8 and 10 years in ready to wear. I quickly pinned the half paper patterns together and put it on her to check the size … A bit too tight. So I added 1 cm on all borders, thinking that it would be enough to give it a little more ease …

Now that the vest is finished, the cruel truth has revealed itself : it is enough ease for like 3 months! I feel this jacket will be offered to a friend’s daughter before spring because it won’t fit Petite Chérie anymore. Ah, the ephemerality of children’s clothing, it’s sad when they were sewn with love.


Petite Chérie was not in the mood to pose for photos the day I took them… But I still managed to get some with the phone the next day.

She loves the jacket so much that she even wore it on a sunny 26 °c (79°F) day … Note the sweatshirt around the waist but the fur vest over the tank top … No comment!


Gilet de berger rouge

Improvised pics oO

patron gratuit gilet enfant



Fourrure rouge


Patron gratuit giler berger



My own vest in the same red fur is almost done, I just need to put in the hooks and eyes and hem it, but it will be for next week because I’m LARPing this weekend.

Poppy dress

This pretty poppy dress is the first dress sewn with my Petite Chérie (my 8 years old DD… No, that’s not her real name).

Petite Chérie was super proud of the result and wore the dress the next day, telling everyone who would listen (or not ^ ^): “I did it … with Mom. I cut here and there and I sewed here and there. ” She was delighted!

Pattern & Fabric

The pattern is in fact a sewing kit from Lalimaya called “Kit robe coquelicot”, here in size “8 ans” (8 years old). It’s a little A line dress with a unique poppy print.

Lalimaya is a small French sewing patterns company which offers patterns, kits and books.

This sew kit includes : (from left to right in the picture) the fabric and patterns for the facings, the “Poppy” fabric with the pattern already traced in the size that was ordered, two buttons and fasteners, instructions.

Price: 32 € to 35 € depending on size (2 – 8 years).

Kit Lalimaya robe coquelicot

Le Kit de la robe Coquelicot de Lalimaya

When I saw the kit, I immediately thought it would be a perfect and easy project to sew with Petite Chérie. And I totally fell in love with the beautiful print, which is a Lalimaya design !

I admit that the price might have stopped me but I took advantage of a 20% discount code at the time. When you think about the supplies and work done to make this kit an easy and fast sewing project : the price is reasonable. Especially since the quality of the printed fabric is beautiful. And a pretty dress like that in store is at least that price (in France anyway).


Nothing that has changed the design of the dress.

After measuring the pattern is was clear, as I expected, that the dress would be just a little tight for Petite Chérie who wears a size “10 years”… But the larger size for the kit was 8. So to get a little more ease we :

  • Added 0.5 cm on the sides of the dress on the front and back: from the bottom of the armhole to the bottom of the dress. You can see the red lines on the picture of Petite Chérie cutting the dress (see below).
  • Used a smaller sewing allowance. o,6 cm instead of 1 cm.
  • After fitting I also decided to make a hem slightly smaller (1.5 cm) than the one recommended in the instructions (3 cm), Petite Chérie is tall.

That’s it !


Nothing difficult. The dress has three pieces: a front and two half-backs. It closes at the upper back by one or two buttons. The sleeves and neckline are finished with facings. If you sew this dress yourself, it is done in a morning.

But before starting, I wasn’t at ease… Petite Chérie is 8 years old and at 8 years old it’s a bit difficult to stay focus for too long. So I told myself that if necessary we would make the dress in several short sessions.

That’s what we did, we spread it over the day.

It must be said that Petite Chérie listens to her mother… Sometimes… And with a pair of scissors in a child hand, horrible things (like cutting inside the dress pattern) can happen quickly. But I told myself that if I wanted her to gain confidence I needed to let her do things, under my supervision. I had to limit the “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh be careful !” “Noooooo not like that”. In short I was a little tense.

I let her cut the dress and she just asked for my help to cut the curves because she had trouble with the big scissors.

She assembled the dress all by herself and I did all the less funny stuff: serging, facings, sewing buttons, … Well of course there were some unavoidable not-so-straight seams but overall she did a very good job !

And all went well ! She learned some basics for cutting and sewing and she’s very proud to wear a pretty dress SHE made… I think that if all goes according to plan, she’ll embrace the dark side soon ^^.


Petite Chérie cutting the dress.

Petite Chérie sewing the back and front together.

Robe coquelicot Lalimaya

Front - Poppy dress

Dos robe coquelicot Lalimaya

back - Poppy dress

Détail of the butterfly on the back.

Robe coquelicot lalimaya

Worn by Petite Chérie





Straight A’s dress – Ottobre

Here is a dress I’ve just finished for Petite Chérie (DD). The dress is very “I always Get Straight A’s in school” and was sewn from an Ottobre Design pattern.

Really simple to make, I see many other variations of this Ottobre pattern in the future.

The dress will be worn over a light sweater or long sleeves T-shirt with tights and boots.

All photos are at the end of the article.

The pattern

The pattern used is # 18 “Tropical Blend” from the Ottobre magazine issue of summer 2011 (03/2011).

You’ll tell me that the dress is neither summer nor tropical. Yes, but this is just proof of the versatility of this pattern: it can easily adapt to your desires.

Patron robe trapèze fille Ottobre

Patron #18 “tropical blend” – Ottobre 03/2011

The pattern is simple: a pinafore dress with neckline facings. It’s closed by snaps at the shoulders. To add interest to the dress, flat piping finishes armholes and the neckline. Three variations of the skirt are available with box pleats, gathers, or plain with pockets.

They are great at Ottobre Design, so to make life easier, the 3 skirt variations each has its own pattern piece.

I used the size 134 for my daughter who just turned 8. She measures 129cm today but I hope she’ll wear this dress next fall too. And the 128 size would probably have been too small in a few weeks anyway.

The fabric

The main fabric, some might have noticed, is the same Prince of Wales check as for my  “Back to school” Peony dress.

For the facings and flat piping I used a pale pink cotton to break up the severity of the dress. Well… Just a little because it’s clearly not a “party” dress.


I used the plain skirt variation but I cut the panel of the skirt on the bias.

I added a flat piping between the top and the skirt to highlight the change of direction of the Prince of Wales check and to break the monotony of the whole.

I substituted buttons and buttonhole to the snaps. I used pearl buttons, they come from a stash inherited from my grandmother who would keep everything. It’s from her that I get my habit of ripping clothes (that are only good to throw out) to retrieve buttons, zippers, appliqués, shoulder pads,…

I didn’t sew the round pockets.


This  “Tropical Blend” dress from Ottobre Design is a great pinafore dress pattern that can easily be decline in many ways and the 3 different pattern pieces for the skirt greatly facilitate the process.

This pattern is joining right away my list of favourites.

Ottobre tropical blend dress robe

Front of the dress


boutons nacrés

Pearl buttons from my Grandmother’s stash


shoulder straps


The skirt is cut on the bias and flat piping is sewn between the top and the skirt


passepoil plat

Detail of the flat piping at the top of the skirt


Flat piping at the neckline


Flat piping and facing

Coat St-Germain – Ottobre

Or a touch of spring in autumn.

I made this coat for the sewing challenge #8 of the French Ottobre addicts.


This pattern is from the Ottobre magazine issue 04/2010.
I’ts a Trench coat in fine cords. The body is lined with cotton, sleeves with viscose.
The coat has a classic collar with lapels, welt pockets, double-breasted button closure and an inverted pleat on the back.

Pattern Sizing:
I used the size 128 for my daughter who is 127cm high and the sizing is perfect.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Absolutely !

Were the instructions easy to follow?
They are not illustrated (except for the pocket part) so I guess it would give absolute beginners trouble. But otherwise they’re ok.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I love the pockets and the inverted pleat on the back.
But I’m really not fond of the lining not being attached to the coat at the bottom.


Main : “spring” green Baby corduroy
Lining : Printed cotton “calico cat” by Alexander Henry for the body and regular lining for the sleeves.
The buttons were chosen after many hesitations by DD. She picked covered buttons. I used the lining fabric to make them.


Manteau St Germain Ottobre Design

Coat St Germain Ottobre Design



Milleraies vert tendre et doublure alexander henry "Calico Cat"

Spring green baby cord and "Calico Cat" lining



Buttons chosen by DD


Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
None, except adding interfacing under the buttonholes.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I won’t sew it again for my daughter (She is growing ! ). I would recommend it.



I love the classic look that the lapels give, love the pockets and inverted pleat, overall I thought that it was a very nicely designed coat !



Front closed

Turn around for the picture of the lining chérie !

Here it's better this way !

Pocket detail





pocket detail



In a tree oO



Calico Cat lining


Flowery strapless girl dress

After a first test of the strapless girl dress, “sarong style”  (see here), Petite Chérie loving it, I did a second one for her.

The dress is still very simple and quick to sew so that it’s fine with me that Petite Chérie loves it!

The tutorial for this easy sarong / strapless dress is here:  Easy sewing : strapless dress !

For this dress

I used a fuchsia cotton fabric as the bottom fabric and a flower printed cotton from Lecien for the top fabric.

For embellishments : a small ribbon and a fuchsia flower.

I didn’t have matching thread for the pink fabric to sew the hem. So, since the seam would be inevitably be seen, I decided to test a “leaf” decorative stitch on my beloved sewing machine (Janome DC4030) with a iridescent green thread. I told myself that it would remind the leaves on the print … In the end it is not truly ugly, but I think I would have preferred a matching thread that would have gone unnoticed.



 The tutorial for this easy sarong / strapless dress is here:  Easy sewing : strapless dress !


Girl sarong dress

This is a fast and easy summer dress I’ve made for my 7 years old (at the time) daughter.
She always wants to wear my sarongs on the beach but always complains that they don’t stay put, that she can’t tie a good knot, etc…

So I imagined this fast and easy dress which is made with two layers of cotton which are gathered together at the top with an elastic. Really fast and easy.

She loves to wear this sarong style dress and not only at the beach !

Edited 17/09/2012 : She started out growing the dress (in length) so she now wears it as a tunic.

For this dress

I’ve used a white cotton voile as the under layer and a “pear” Japanese printed cotton by Kokka, as the top layer.

Then I thought that something was missing at the center front to remind of the knot in a sarong. I dug in my stash and added a little white lace piece and a blue button to echo the color of the print.

I have a second dress which is almost finished, I shall show it to you soon.


My @# for this project

Yep I do a lot of these careless mistakes, and this one was really really stupid !

Of course, I washed my fabric before starting cutting…. And with these fabrics was the one for the second dress which is a deep fushia… Yes, you got it, the printed “pear” cotton which is suppose to have a white background now has a pink tint ! I told you this one was stupid !


The tutorial for this easy and fast strapless “sarong” dress can be find HERE





Le tutoriel : couture facile : robe paréo !

Cherry dress – Simplicity 5531


Simplicity 5531
Child’s dress or top, capri pants, shorts, skort, and bag
I made the dress view A

Simplicity 5531 pattern

Simplicity 5531 pattern

Pattern Sizing:
3-8 I made size 6 for my 6 year old based on measurements and the fit was great (except for the length of the elastic !)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes indeed it did !

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Yes, the dress is simple to make with only 4 pieces to sew : front, front facing, and the back in 2 pieces.

What did you particularly like about the pattern?
1- 6 cute variations for one pattern !
2- The sizing range : 3 to 8
3- Easy and fast !


White cotton with little red cherries and strawberries.

Pattern alterations

I used the measurements to pick the size and the fit was perfect.
I shorted the dress a little (requested by DD)
The only flaw is the elastic length guide. Do not rely on it, fit it on the model directly. I shorten the elastic by 3 – 3.5″.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
Yes to both ! I’ll probably make the skort soon.


This dress is easy and fast to make, the many variations and the large size range make this pattern definitely worth having in your stash !

(the bag in the picture is not from this pattern it’s Vogue 7354 : see here)

Cherry dress - Simplicity 5531

Cherry dress - Simplicity 5531

Cherry dress and bag

Cherry dress and bag