Free patterns for fur

Following the article on sewing faux fur on this blog, here is a little selection of free sewing patterns, specifically designed for fur.

The instructions are mainly in French, some in French and German (Burda).  But only beginners might need instructions because most of this projects are quite simple to sew. Anyway you’ll find a French-English sewing dictionary on this blog and I’m always happy to help with a translation if needed be.


free fur pattern for kids


Shepherd vest

Free sewing pattern from “C’est Dimanche” (= “It’s sunday”). I’m sewing this one this week for my DD.

This pattern is offered in sizes 3/4 years, 5/6 years et 8 years.

Gilet de berger – C’est Dimanche

Link to the pattern : C’est dimanche – Gilet de berger


free fur patterns for women


The fur jacket

Pattern for a lined, short and straight fur jacket by “Avantages” (French women magazine) in French sizes 38-46.

Veste fourrure – Avantages

Link to the pattern : Avantages – Veste fourrure pop


Short vest

Free pattern for a short fur vest by Burda, French sizes 34 – 44.

Gilet court – Burda

Link to the pattern : Burda – Gilet de fourrure court

Free registering is required to download the printable pattern.

Long vest

Long vest in fake fur (long hair) by Burda French sizes 34 – 44.

I’m also sewing this vest this week, the fur is cut already.

Gilet long – Burda

Link to the pattern : Burda – Gilet long

Free registering is required to download the printable pattern.

Faux fur removable collar

Here is a tutorial to sew a removable collar in fake fur offered by the website “Petit Citron”.

Col en fausse fourrure – Petit Citron

Link to the tutorial : Petit Citron – Col en fausse fourure


Free French pattern & turorial directory

Pop Couture is a Free French sewing patterns and tutorials directory.

This is a website that I started to develop a few months ago. I wasn’t sure about talking about it on my English blog as all sewing patterns and tutorials on Pop Couture are in French and only in French.

But I thought that some of you might be interested anyway. Plus if you want to follow a French pattern/tutorial but don’t speak any of it, I have a French-English sewing lexicon that can help you.

As of today, lists almost 900 free patterns and tutorials.

La couture gratuite !


What is it ?

This is a directory that lists and categorizes FREE tutorials and sewing patterns written in FRENCH.

It does not host any tutorial or pattern but will redirect you to the page of the tutorial / pattern on the author’s website.

The “source” (author of the pattern or tutorial) is of course always clearly indicated and pictures illustrating the patterns are from the “source” site.


Why a sewing pattern and tutorial directory ?

Of course I already had a page on my French sewing blog where I listed links, but I found the blog format impractical and inappropriate.

I wanted to be able to access (and give you access) to something that is easier to use and where it’s easier to find a particular type of pattern or tutorial.

That is why I opted for a separate website, easier to navigate with  categories (eg.. “femme”) and subcategories (eg. jupe, robe, …). I think it will help my fellow French speaking seamstresses to find what they are looking more easily without clicking on forty links.

I wanted to make available to those who create tutorials and those who seek a tutorial, a website where it would be easier to share and find tutorials and patterns.

There were such website in English but there were none in French.


Can I add my tutorials?

But of course ! As long as they are in French ! Simply click on the “Ajouter un patron at the top of each page on There is no need to register for this.

Happy (Free & French) sewing :)



Deer&Doe : new French patterns

Deer&Doe is a new French sewing patterns company who launches its very first collection today.

And I have to confess right away : I’ve already ordered a pattern !

The patterns and the packaging do remind me of Colette Patterns : same quality in the visual presentation of the instructions and nice detail oriented patterns. And the patterns do have some vintage feel to them… Well some of them.

Without further ado, here is what Deer&Doe offers for its launch :


The patterns


Three dresses, one blouse, and one jacket/coat.

These 5 patterns are sold for 12,5€ each.

They are available in sizes 34 to 46 (French sizing), all sizes are included in the pattern envelop.

The patterns have a sewing level classification : débutant = beginner, intermédiaire = intermediate and avancé = advanced.

All patterns are named after plants.




Of course I encourage you to visit the Deer&Doe boutique right away ! It’s not available in English yet but it looks like it might be soon.

I ordered the Airelle blouse :)

Free T-shirt pattern

This could possibly become my TNT T-shirt pattern.

Well once it will have pass the sewing and wearing test… No I haven’t sewn it yet ^^!

But on paper, this free women’s T-shirt pattern seems to have everything it needs to become the T-shirt pattern I’ve longed for all my life (No, I’m not being melodramatic !).

Description : “This pattern is for a boat neckline kimono sleeved t-shirt with short sleeves. It has negative ease at the bust, but has a loose fit over the waist and hip.”

Sizes : XS, S, M, L and XL.

Why I like it :

  • Kimono sleeves = no armhole seam = No seam at the wrong spot on my arm that I would need to adjust.
  • « Negative ease at the bust, but has a loose fit over the waist and hip » exactly what I need to hide my tummy without the T-shirt looking like a tent.
  • A boat neckline is always flattering.

What is this wonderful free pattern you wonder ?

It’s the Kirsten Kimono Tee by MariaDenmark over at

Free T-shirt pattern woman

Kirsten Kimono Tee by MariaDenmark

[box type=”download”] You can download the printable pattern and instructions for the Kirsten Kimono Tee HERE[/box]

I won’t have the time to sew (this or anything else) for a few weeks but this pattern is definitely going on my “have to sew list”.


Patterns & fabrics – Palette Challenge SS 2012

I’ve finished planning my Colette Palette challenge !

After a close inspection of my wardrobe, I realized that I had quite a lot of summer linen pants, capris,… But not many tops to associate them with. That’s why I chose to make 3 tops for the challenge to fill the gap in my summer wardrobe. And two dresses, because in summer dresses are always so great and easy to wear !

So here is what I plan on sewing for the SS 2012 Palette Challenge :

Colette palette challenge

Projects for the Challenge


Reminder of my moodboard:

palette challenge summer spring 2012 colette

Palette challenge spring-summer 2012


Transparent black crepe (too transparent ^ ^).

Two prints purchased in India (at Kilol). They are in cotton, very soft, lightweight, hand-printed in Jaipur. I have some pictures of artisans printing fabric in Jaipur if you’re curious about the technique : you can see it there (on my French blog).

A red microfiber that feels like washed silk to the touch, veryyy soft.

The fabrics will go perfectly with this scarf, and for a good reason, it’s a dupatta that I bought along with the Indian fabrics.


tissus indiens

Indian print, microfiber, Indian print, crepe.



Dupatta inde




Of course you can choose any brand of patterns for the challenge, but chose I personally picked  only Colette patterns … With the stash that I have I thought it was about time that I put them to good use!

Clic to enlarge


Jasmine (I'll probably make it sleeveless)



sencha colette




Hazel dress (2012 collection)



Peony dress



Taffy (Pattern from the book "The Colette sewing handbook")

Honestly I’m pretty sure I won’t have the time to sew everything by June 10, because apart from the dress Peony I have not yet sewed any of the patterns. Which means I’ll have to make muslins for each of them and most likely adjustments. Anyway if it is not finished in time, no biggy, I’ll already have the projects planned for latter this summer.

Moodboard 2012 Palette challenge

Here is my moodboard and my colour palette For the “Spring-Summer 2012 palette Challenge” at Colette Patterns.

Palette challenge spring summer 2012

I picked these green and red colors as a starting point because I already had them in my fabric stash.

I’m in the mood for stripes, palazzo pants or butterfly pants (yes black even in summer) in a 70’s style.

There inevitably will be an Indian influence, because I intend to use fabrics purchased in Delhi. So there will be Indian prints. I’m not a print addict, I generally prefer solid colors so it might be a bit hard to manage this for me but it’s a challenge eh ^^.

This is not the most summery color combination but that’s what I want right now ! But, I promise,  I won’t use wool or fleece.

The collage is an inspiration, and not to be taken literally. I will never wear shoes with heels as high for example (I’m pretty sure I would fall before the second step).

Next week I’ll show you my projects choices : patterns and fabric.

Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge

To learn more about this Challenge check out Spring-Summer 2012 Palette Challenge 2012.