Round summer bag… with mustache

I treated myself to his round summer bag, sewn from the Sacôtin “Candy radiating bag pattern”. A pattern I created. I already sew a few of these but I want to preserve them as “archives” for my little business. So I needed a Candy bag to wear proudly this summer.

The pattern

Candy the radiating bag pattern from Sacôtin. A round summer bag with a radiating effect on the front. And because I like fun design details, the rays on the front create 4 pockets !

This pattern is ideal to have fun and get creative with fabric choice and placement by combining 2-3 or 4 different fabrics.

I rated this pattern “intermediate”, not because of technical difficulties but because of the preciseness needed. A motivated beginner will be able to sew it.


I added 2 pockets in the lining : a patch pocket and a zippered pocket.

I’ve also written the tutorials to show you how to create these pockets for the Candy bag pattern. Tutorials can be found on the Sacôtin website :

Add a mobile phone pocket tutorial

Add a zippered pocket tutorial


  • Cream cotton canvas
  • Salmon pink cotton/linen blend
  • “Terra in black” by P & B Textiles
  • “Mustache” by Alexander Henry

I really wanted to use the great mustache print by Alexander Henry in a bag and I though this pattern would be perfect for it because the rays would echo a mustache shape (kind of).

I also fell for the “Terra” collection by P & B Textiles. They are printed cottons, available in a wide range of colors, and the print give a very nice  illusion of texture to the fabric.

Bag pictures

Patron sac été rond

Candy with mustache

Moustaches in the trees

Mustaches in the trees

Poche intérieure zippée

Zippered pocket

Poche intérieure zippée

Zippered pocket

Poche plaquée pour portable

Patch pocket

What else ?

I’m slowly “recovering” from the stress of launching of my bag patterns line.  I shivered the all morning of the launch. Everything went fine but I was really nervous about showing my baby to the world.

Thank you for warmly welcoming the patterns. Your first feedbacks on sewing the bags really did help me get my stress level down :)

New French bag sewing patterns

This is a big day for me! Today I’m officially launching Sacôtin, my line of bag sewing patterns.

You can now discover the 4 patterns I’ve created for the spring-summer 2013 collection. These pdf patterns are available in French and English.

Le logo Sacôtin

The adventure

I announced my project 3 months ago on my French blog and I want to thank all of you for your support through this blog (French or English version), the Facebook page and your subscriptions to the Sacôtin newsletter.

And a very special thank you to Maria (Velosewer) who proofread the English instructions, you are a blessing !

I also announced that I would offer 4 patterns on launch day so that’s today! To find out who the winners  are visit the Blogôtin (Sacôtin’s blog).

The patterns

Since February I have worked continuously to create the whole structure of my small business and the first 4 patterns.

I’ve created bags that I love and I paid particular attention to the instructions that I wanted detailed, clear and illustrated. I wrote the instructions just as I would like to read them myself as a client.

Here are pictures of the 4 patterns, for more information please visit!

Cloé patron de sac réversible - Niveau Débutant

Cloé reversible bag pattern – Beginner level

Candy patron de sac rayonnant - Niveau Débutant avancé

Candy radiating bag pattern – Advanced beginner level

Alex patron de sac besace mixte en 2 versions - Niveau Débutant & Intermédiaire

Alex messenger bag pattern in 2 versions – Beginner & Intermediate levels

Annie patron de petit sac organisé - Niveau Avancé

Annie the small organized bag pattern – Advanced level

I hope you like them !

Ghastly Family zippered pouch

I finally took some time to sew this zippered pouch that I wanted to offer to my friend Isabelle… For Christmas … Hum no, not the next Christmas, the one that went by 5 months ago!

I took advantage of the “calm before the storm” because in two days, Wednesday 15th I’m launching my first collection of bag sewing patterns (in French and English) under the name Sacôtin.

So here Isabelle, you see, your present has finally been sewn! Now I just have to offer it to you without crying because I want to keep it for myself!

This small flat zippered and lined pouch has a simple shape, its strange charm comes undoubtedly from the fabric… Which has a strange charm. But which fabric is that, you ask? It is “Ghastly family reunion” in mold green by Alexander Henry.

Every scenes printed representing this ghastly family is great and you’ll get to see more of the Ghastly family on my blog because I intend to sew a bag, a pillow, undies… with it and all for myself.

I’m leaving you with the pictures, I’m going back to work to polish the final details for the launch of Sacôtin (I’m stressed out but I’m happy).

Pictures !

pochette zippée

Ghastly family pouch – Front

Pochette ouverte

Ghastly family pouch opened

Pochette zippée ghastly family dos

Ghastly family pouch – Back


1950 free sewing book : how to make gloves

Many knew the wonderful website that was  Unfortunately the website has been down since 2011.

Nobody seems to really know what happened to and I thought it would be a shame if all their wonderful and hard work was lost forever. That’s why I’ve decided to republish it online under the same Creative Commons licence.

I saved pretty much all the texts and pictures from on my home computer back in 2011 and today I’m sharing one of their work unaltered.



How to Make Gloves


Eunice Close


How to make gloves

How to make gloves

Read the book

You can access the table of content and every chapter of the book from this page : How to make Gloves by Eunice Close 

More ?

I’ll be adding some more books from their work, when I get the time. As some of you know, I’m pretty busy right now launching my little bag patterns company : Sacôtin. The boutique will open next week : May the 15th to be exact (you still have time to try and win a bag pattern by the way).

The next book I’m thinking of adding is “Modern Pattern Design” by Harriet Pepin (1942). Because it’s a pretty large book and re-publishing it takes time, I’ll probably publish one chapter at the time.

Do let me know if you’d rather have me put another book online first, as written above I have pretty much all their work saved on my computer.