White Wizard Costume – LARP

White Wizard from the Light Order Warhammer

Here is my White Wizard costume from the Light Order for a LARP event in the Warhammer universe.

A white wizard is dressed in white ! It doesn’t change much from my Priestess Shallya dress … Especially since it’s the same character who has just changed careers.

This has greatly facilitated this costume since I reused the same white dress (McCall’s 4491 pattern).

I only had to make a surcoat, sleeves and as my friend Ben has kindly lent me a white cape, to adapt the cape a bit.

Surcoat and sleeves

A White Wizard from the Light Order has to be luminous. Especially since it has a spell to enchant its robe and make it luminous to protect himself. So I decided to make a surcoat and removable sleeves that reflect light to mimic the effect of this spell.


Tulle with small particles that reflect light, purchased at Mondial Tissu.

This is not sequins, it’s more like flakes/small white stones. I am very disappointed that the very nice effect that it gives does not translate well in pictures… I have not been able to properly capture it… But trust me on this, in person it is pretty.

I was a little afraid to stitch through it but in fact the flakes are soft enough and I had no worries.

Tulle avec "pierres" brillantes

Tulle with shiny flakes – sleeve and deep armholes


For the surcoat : I used the dress pattern : taped the front and side front and I cut to create the deep armholes.

For sleeves: same, I used the pattern of very large sleeves from the McCall’s pattern but I cut / folded to reduce the width and length. I wanted something more practical than the original sleeves that almost touch the ground.


Ben loaned me a white wool hooded cape, saying “you can do what you want with it” … . This cape is a 3/4 circle, it was destined to be dyed, that’s why the thread is black.

To adapt this cape to my costume I:


I ripped all the visible black stitching lines : around the hood, center front and bottom hem …

A cape 3/4 of a circle has a nice size and allows to be nicely covered, it is more comfortable and easier to wear than a half circle cape… But then the hem is sooooo long, it took me 45 minutes of playing with the seam-ripper to get rid of it.

Added a lining

I added a white satin lining. Which allowed me to :

– Hide all the black stitching lines inside the hood and cape.

– Make the cape “richer” with a better and heavier hand.

– To be warmer of course! And when you have a LARP event in the Alps in October this is super important ^ ^

For the lining pattern I simply used the cape, put it on the satin lining and cut (4 pieces: 2 for the hood and two to the body). Paying attention to the seam allowances, of course.

Added closure

For this I simply sewed by hand a white frog closure 15.5 cm (closed) at the neckline.


Brandebourg blanc

white frog closure


Because accessories are important for a LARP costume, I made :

Ugly Balls of light to throw… It was my first time and I did not apply myself, it shows! They are weighted foam balls covered by fabric that materialize a ball of light that can be sent on an enemy.

A grimoire, not great either. It’s just a book that I painted, decorated with metal lock ornaments, small shiny stones and a belt loop to close it.

A luminous sugar thingy … In this LAPR, sorcerers can make any object luminous and make it “their flashlight”. And at night this is really useful! So I used the powdered sugar holder because my flashlight fits in it and I stuffed some of the tulle inside to hide the object. You could tell me that I did not work too hard on this one… It’s true.

A white wig

And all the usual stuff you have to carry around for a LARP event.

A staff would have been nice for this character but I decided not to bother because I know I will find it annoying to carry it around after 2 hours … I already have to carry a big heavy bag.

Accessoires GN mage sorcier

Ugly Ball of light, grimoire and luminous sugar thingy

I’ve finished a second costume, but I can’t talk about it yet… Secret.


So I haven’t ironed the white linen dress before the photos … That’s wrong! And the first 2 photos are particularly ugly, the fabric effect of surcoat doesn’t show at all.


robe blanche mage GN

Dress in the shade – not a good pic :S



Dress in the sun, can’t see much of the shiny flakes either :S


neckline – Ah shiny !


Cape before unlined



cape GN

Cape after




Cape before with black thread visible



Cape brandebourg

Cape after with frog clossure and no more visible black thread



Cape blanche doublée

lining of the cape

Tulle avec "pierres" brillantes

Tulle with shiny “flakes” – sleeve and deep armhole

Free French pattern & turorial directory

Pop Couture is a Free French sewing patterns and tutorials directory.

This is a website that I started to develop a few months ago. I wasn’t sure about talking about it on my English blog as all sewing patterns and tutorials on Pop Couture are in French and only in French.

But I thought that some of you might be interested anyway. Plus if you want to follow a French pattern/tutorial but don’t speak any of it, I have a French-English sewing lexicon that can help you.

As of today, www.popcouture.fr lists almost 900 free patterns and tutorials.

La couture gratuite !


What is it ?

This is a directory that lists and categorizes FREE tutorials and sewing patterns written in FRENCH.

It does not host any tutorial or pattern but will redirect you to the page of the tutorial / pattern on the author’s website.

The “source” (author of the pattern or tutorial) is of course always clearly indicated and pictures illustrating the patterns are from the “source” site.


Why a sewing pattern and tutorial directory ?

Of course I already had a page on my French sewing blog where I listed links, but I found the blog format impractical and inappropriate.

I wanted to be able to access (and give you access) to something that is easier to use and where it’s easier to find a particular type of pattern or tutorial.

That is why I opted for a separate website, easier to navigate with  categories (eg.. “femme”) and subcategories (eg. jupe, robe, …). I think it will help my fellow French speaking seamstresses to find what they are looking more easily without clicking on forty links.

I wanted to make available to those who create tutorials and those who seek a tutorial, a website where it would be easier to share and find tutorials and patterns.

There were such website in English but there were none in French.


Can I add my tutorials?

But of course ! As long as they are in French ! Simply click on the “Ajouter un patron at the top of each page on popcouture.fr. There is no need to register for this.

Happy (Free & French) sewing :)



French-English sewing lexicon

A few months ago, Loutheo suggested in a comment on my French blog that I’d write an English-French sewing lexicon for fellow French seamstresses that wanted to sew beautiful American patterns, but weren’t at ease with the language.

I’ve finally had the time to start the lexicon ! And as a side benefit I also wrote an English-French sewing lexicon that might be of use for English speaking folks.

It’s not finished but already has almost 300 entries, so here it is :

French-English sewing dictionary

and its brother :

English-French sewing dictionary

(on my French blog)

The methodology

I first entered words that came to my mind, then I dug in my American patterns and books and added the most used words. I shall do the same with my French sewing books.

If you’d like me to add/translate some entries/words, please leave a comment on the lexicon page. 

I hope this tools will be of help to you !

Happy sewing !

Deer&Doe : new French patterns

Deer&Doe is a new French sewing patterns company who launches its very first collection today.

And I have to confess right away : I’ve already ordered a pattern !

The patterns and the packaging do remind me of Colette Patterns : same quality in the visual presentation of the instructions and nice detail oriented patterns. And the patterns do have some vintage feel to them… Well some of them.

Without further ado, here is what Deer&Doe offers for its launch :


The patterns


Three dresses, one blouse, and one jacket/coat.

These 5 patterns are sold for 12,5€ each.

They are available in sizes 34 to 46 (French sizing), all sizes are included in the pattern envelop.

The patterns have a sewing level classification : débutant = beginner, intermédiaire = intermediate and avancé = advanced.

All patterns are named after plants.




Of course I encourage you to visit the Deer&Doe boutique right away ! It’s not available in English yet but it looks like it might be soon.

I ordered the Airelle blouse :)