2 Japanese knot bags – Vogue 7354

This little bag is called a “Japanese knot bag“. This Japanese-style bag closes by sliding the long handle in the short one and is worn at the wrist.
It belongs in the  “click” bags family : Cell phone, Lipstick, ID, Cash, Keys. This is a small bag made to carry the bare necessities.

This bag is lined and reversible if desired.


There are several variations for the “Japanese knot bag”, this particular model comes from the Vogue pattern 7354.
You can find free patterns on the web : here (pdf) or here (english too). And finally Martha Stewart version right here.

The Vogue pattern contains different 7 types of evening bags. The knot bag is view A.


Vogue 7354



V7354 – drawing



Nothing too difficult in sewing this Vogue pattern.
If I recall correctly, I think that my first time sewing it, I did not found the drawings very clear when it came to sewing the lining to the bag, but by basting fist it’s easy to see if you are on the right path.


Relatively little fabric is needed to make the bag (40cm for the fabric and for the lining), so it’s easy to make a bag matching the last outfit you’ve sewn.
Depending on the fabric used you can either make an evening bag or a more casual one… but either way, it’s always chic !
For the two bags pictured below, I used printed cotton as the main fabric, which were leftovers after making dresses. The one with skulls is called “Regency skyll” by Alexander Henry.
For the linings I used plain cotton: pink for the skull bag and red for the cherries bag.


I love this cute little bag! It’s done in 1h30 max, so it would be a shame not to make one.
Caution! Sewing this bag quickly becomes addictive!
[box type=”info”] 12/14/2011 update:
Japanese knot bag regency skull

Japanese knot bag – regency skull

Japanese knot bag

Japanese knot bag – this one is for my daughter


Japanese knot bag

Worn, to get an idea of the size