Priestress of Shallya dress #1

My first ever sewing project...

So this is the dress that started it all.
When I look at it now I only see all the defaults (and there really are many) but I remember the pride I felt when I finished it. And I must say that it did fulfil its function during the Warhammer LARP event.

All I had at the beginning of my sewing adventure, was a white sheet, a spool of thread, a needle and a pair of scissors.
After some research, I decided on a medieval bliaut style dress. It seemed like the easiest one to make with a sewing experience = 0.

I used two main resources to guide me through the construction of the dress. Two French sites :

  • Easy faerie costumes, This site has the great merit of helping you relieve stress when it comes to sewing for the first time. The author is funny and her method of construction is rather clear (thank you, great drawings!) And her sewing approach style “but if it’s so easy, you can do it too” frees you quickly from any fear of cutting you fabric.
  • Perline, full of information, clear explanations and tutorials on medieval costumes. A reference to keep… If you read French !

In the end I used a mix of: the XIVe “chainse” by Perline and “bliaut” by easy faerie costume for the dress.

I added a hood (roughly two fabric squares with one corner rounded) and a small heart stitched on the left breast (symbol of  Shallya). A cheap metal belt, with hearts, found on ebay, cape (see there) and a bag (see there) in linen made from a sheet found in grandpa’s closet and tada here is a priestess of  Shallya costume for less than 7 euros.
hum, yes, except that in the middle of the construction I bought a sewing machine (Toyota low-end …) So it was a tad over 7 euros … But it doesn’t count, it already paid for itself ;).

Edited 06/2010:
Here’s Priestress of Shallya dress #2 … way better !